Funding for undergrounding of all powerlines began in 2003 as part of a surcharge to all homeowners. Funding was completed several years ago and UCCF has been pushing the Utilities Undergrounding Dept to move forward without further delay in south UC.  Many streets were categorized as “environmentally sensitive” and UCCF argued that was unreasonable.  In July of 2018, we finally got word that many streets that were categorized as “environmentally sensitive” were released from this designation and Block 1S was officially moved to the construction schedule.  We will continue to push for undergrounding of ALL overhead powerlines in UC as expeditiously as possible.

To make your voice heard, please write to the Head of Undergrounding, Breanne Busby at BBusby@sandiego.gov and tell her that you support our efforts to finish the undergrounding in UC.